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Everything you Need To Know About BD Safety Lok Blood Collection Set

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Safety has always been a primary concern while collecting blood samples. Not taking enough care during the procedure can lead to serious needlestick injuries and other health risks. However, there is one fine way you can make the blood sample collection process safe and simple, i.e., by using the BD Safety Lok blood collection set. With this non-invasive device, you can give your patients quality care during the process. Wanna know more about it? Then read the write-up till the end!

What Is BD Safety Lok Blood Collection Set?

BD Safety Lok Blood Collection set is a small device used in the health care sector to collect blood samples and other kinds of fluids present in the human body. It's really unsafe and painful to collect blood using regular injections, but BD safety Lok can assure you of pain-free non-invasive blood donation. And all credit goes to its engineering, which makes it the safest way to collect blood.

BD Safety Lok kit primarily comes with a stainless steel needle. This needle comes with a thin wall that improves the flow of blood during a blood draw. Along with it has winged sets, which prevents blood leak.

3 Important Parts Of BD Safety Lok Set

Blood Collection Needle

The thing that makes blood collection easy and prompt in the BD Safety Lok Blood Collection set is the needles. As we mentioned above, BD Safety Lok needles have a thin wall that works to improve blood flow. Apart from that, these needles have well-designed covers to prevent damage before it's used.

Blood Collection Butterflies

BD Safety Lok butterflies or winged sets are two thin rubber petals placed horizontally in the neck of the tool. While they seem useless or just two materials increase the aesthetic appearance, they make the entire process safe and non-invasive. This winged set basically prevents blood leakage both from your skin and the tube your blood is passing through.

Blood Collection Tube

The part of the BD safety Lok set that makes blood collection safe and satisfying is the blood collection tube. It works easily and also enables you to collect a quality capillary blood sample without any hassles. What's more, these blood collection tubes also feature anti-coagulants, which allow better prevention of blood cells.

How To Use?

Step 1

In the first step of using the BD Safety Lok Blood Collection set, you must make sure to wear gloves. Then you must peel off the back side of the pack according to the directions and take out the tool. It's also advisable to use two fingers to hold the grip below the wings instead of pulling the tube or the needle.

Step 2

In the second step, you need to drive the needle through the skin to draw blood out. So make sure to use your gloved hand to hold the textured side of the wings together with your thumb and index finger. Then remove the cover for the needle cover to perform the venepuncture accordingly.

Step 3

After venipuncture, you need to hold the grip at the end of the safety shield between your thumb and index finger. Then withdraw the needle from the vein after collecting a blood sample from the patent. And don’t forget to apply pressure to the site.

Step 4

Once you use the tool and hide the pointed area, you need to use the remaining of your fingers to hold the tubing securely against the palm of your hand. Then push your thumb and index finger forward, sliding the safety shield until it covers the tip of the needle.

Step 5

Finally, once you are done make sure to dispose of the tool unless you are using a single-use holder. In this matter, you must genuinely use covered dry bins to reduce the possibility of contamination spread.

When it's highly dangerous and painful to use regular injections to draw out blood samples, BD Safety Lok Blood Collection set is a revolution in the healthcare industry. And that's what ends everything you need to know about the Safety Lok blood collection set in detail. So immediately visit our online store to buy a blood collection set along with tattoo numbing cream products like Mithra numbing cream, pre tattoo numbing cream, and the strongest numbing cream for tattoos.

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