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Everything That You Must Know Why Jpro Is Considered The Best Numbing Cream For Plasma Pen

The plasma pen treatment has become a popular choice for those seeking a non-surgical solution for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and other aesthetic concerns. While minimally invasive, the treatment can cause discomfort. This is where J-pro numbing cream for plasma pen steps in, offering a powerful and convenient way to minimize pain and ensure a more comfortable experience. In this entire blog, you will delve into why Jpro numbing cream is considered the go-to choice for plasma pen treatment. You will explore its effectiveness, compare it to alternatives, and provide valuable tips for maximizing its benefits.

Here Listed Below All The Reasons Why Jpro Is Considered As The Best Numbing Cream For Plasma Pen

  1. The Power Of Lidocaine: J-Pro’s Winning Formula 

J pro numbing which is considered the best numbing cream for plasma pen boasts a powerful combination of local anesthetic ingredients, with lidocaine being the key player. Lidocaine works by temporarily blocking pain signals from reaching the nerves in the treated area. This translates to a significant reduction in discomfort during the plasma pen procedure. 

  1. High Lidocaine Concentration 

Compared to other numbing creams, Jpro features a higher concentration of lidocaine. This translates to a strong numbing effect. Making it ideal for procedures like plasma pen treatment, known for causing a stinging sensation. 

  1. Fast Acting Relief 

J-pro starts working within 15-20 min of application, allowing for swift transitions to a numbed and comfortable treatment area. 

  1. Long Lasting  Efficiency 

The numbing effect of Jpro can last for up to 3 hours, providing ample coverage for the duration of most plasma pen procedures. 

  1. Pleasant Application 

J-pro is known for its smooth texture and pleasant scent, making the application process less unpleasant compared to some other numbing creams. 

Some Of The Safety Considerations That You Must Follow

  • Consult A Professional 

While J-pro is generally safe for topical use, it’s crucial to consult with a licensed practitioner before using it for a plasma pen treatment. They can assess your suitability for the numbing cream and advise on  proper application. 

  • Allergy Testing 

A patch test is recommended before full application to check for any potential allergic reactions to the ingredients in Jpro. 

  • Follow Instructions 

Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and the guidance of your practitioner regarding application amount and duration. 

J-pro vs. other numbing creams: making the informed choice 

While J-pro reigns supreme, it’s valuable to understand how it compares to other numbing cream options:

  • Lidocaine sprays 

Sprays can be convenient, but they often have a lower lidocaine concentration compared to J-pro cream, potentially leading to less effective numbing. 

  • Benzocaine-based creams 

Benzocaine is another tropical anesthetic, but it can cause allergic reactions for some individuals. J-pro, with its Lidocaine focus, offers a safer alternative for many. 

  • DIY Numbing solutions 

Avoid concocting homemade numbing creams. These can be ineffective or even harmful. Trust a commercially available and well-tested product like J-pro.

 Optimizing Your Plasma Pen Experience With J-Pro

Here are some tips to ensure Jpro numbing cream maximizes your comfort during a plasma pen treatment: 

  • Apply Liberally 

Dont be shy! Apply a thick layer of J-pro to the treatment area as directed by your practitioner. 

  • Occlusive Wrap 

Cover the treated area with plastic wrap after applying the cream. This helps trap heat and enhance the numbing effect. 

  • Timing Is Key

Apply J-pro according to your practitioner’s instructions. Typically, an application takes 30 -45 min before the procedure is recommended. 

  • Numb The Right Area 

Ensure the cream covers the entire area targeted for the plasma pen treatment. 

Jpro Numbing Cream is considered the best Numbing cream for plasma pen. It stands out as a reliable and effective solution for minimizing discomfort during plasma pen treatment. Its high lidocaine concentration, fast-acting nature, and long-lasting numbing effect make it a top choice for both clients and professionals. If you find this blog useful, then do visit our official website and explore more about our other products, like best Numbing Cream for Plasma Pen, tattoo numbing gel, and the best numbing cream for tattoos.

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