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Benefits Of Applying The Numbing Gel For Tattoos At The Time Of The Tattoo Session

Beautiful and long-lasting, tattoos are a great way to express yourself. But let’s be honest, the thought of that needle buzzing across your skin can be enough to make anyone flinch. While the pain is often exaggerated, it’s a valid concern. This is where J Pro Numbing Gel for Tattoos steps in, offering a safe and effective solution to transform your tattoo session from an endurance test into a comfortable experience. Continue to read this blog till the end to explore more benefits of using the J Pro numbing gel. 

Unveiling The Magic: How JPRO Numbing Gel For Tattoos Works 

JPRO Numbing Cream is a topical anesthetic specifically formulated to numb the skin temporarily. The key players in this numbing magic are two well-known local anesthetics: lidocaine and prilocaine. Lidocaine works by blocking sodium channels in nerve cells, preventing them from sending pain signals to the brain. Prilocaine joins the party by stabilizing these channels, further amplifying the numbing effect.

Benefits Beyond The Buzz: Why Choose Jpro Numbing Gel For Tattoos

JPRO numbing gel offers a multitude of advantages that make it a compelling choice for tattoo enthusiasts:

  • Effective Numbing 

Many clinical studies and countless user experiences demonstrate Jpro’s potency. It delivers a significant reduction in pain, allowing you to relax and focus on the tattoo on your desired body part. 

  • Long-Lasting Comfort 

Jpro’s numbing properties can last up to 3 hours, providing ample coverage for most tattoo sessions. For extended procedures, strategic reapplication can maintain comfort throughout. 

  • Residue-Free Formula 

JPRO applies smoothly and leaves no greasy residue behind. This ensures a clean canvas for the artist and prevents any interference with the tattoo ink.

  • Versatile Application 

JPRO isn't just for tattoos! This numbing cream can be used for various procedures like microneedling, piercings, laser hair removal, and more.

Unveiling The Process: How To Use Jpro Numbing Gel For Tattoos At The Time Of Tattoo Session 

Here is the step-by-step guide to using the Jpro-numbing gel and maximizing its effectiveness for your tattoo session:

Step 1: Clean The Area Of Tattoo 

On the day of your tattoo, thoroughly clean the area to be tattooed with an antibacterial soap or alcohol wipe. This removes any surface bacteria and allows for better absorption of the cream. Take a paper towel and pat the area dry.

Step 2: Apply A Hot Towel 

Apply a hot towel to the area for 5 minutes. This opens up the pores, allowing the Jpro to penetrate deeper for a more effective numbing effect. 

Step 3: Liberality Is Key

Don't be stingy! Apply a generous, even layer of JPRO cream to the cleaned and warmed area. Gently massage it in a circular motion until it is fully absorbed. Remember, you can't overdo it in this step.

Step 4: Double The Dose 

For optimal numbing, apply a second layer of JPRO cream, slightly thicker than the first. Aim for a consistent 2-3mm thickness across the entire area.

Step 5: Seal The Deal 

Wrap the treated area snugly with plastic wrap. This creates a greenhouse effect, trapping the heat and further enhancing the numbing effect.

Step 6: Showtime! 

After the designated wait time, remove the plastic wrap and gently wipe away any excess cream with a paper towel. Your skin should now be numb and ready for the tattooing to begin.

So here are all the benefits of applying the numbing gel for tattoos, if you find this blog useful, then do visit our official website today and explore more about our other products like Strongest numbing cream, tattoo numbing gel, and numbing cream for plasma pen available at a reasonable cost.

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