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30ml TKTX During Procedure Open Skin Numbing Spray

• Fast acting numbing spray
• Activates in 45 seconds
• Can be reapplied during any procedure
• Leave on for a maximum of 2 hours

TKTX mid session numbing spray is an aesthetic spray that can be reapplied in order to help reduce pain and swelling during a range of procedures including piercings, tattooing, microblading and semi-permanent makeup. With its fast acting formula, you can apply a small amount and feel the numbing spray getting to work in as little as 45 seconds. With this product, you must only use it after the skin has been broken and once applied wait 3 to 5 minutes before you continue with the treatment or procedure.

We’ve all been there during a tattoo session when things get a little too much and this results in you tapping out mid session and having to rebook to complete your tattoo on another day. Numbing sprays are great to use because you can simply spray, keep going and finish your session with little to no pain at all. It is also worth noting that provided you use the product in moderation during the session, the TKTX mid session numbing spray can also be used after your session to take away the pain and itching that can occur.

TKTX During procedure Numbing Spray 30ml

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